Vicjon Enterprises Inc.


About Us

Company History

Coming from humble beginnings in Peru, Consuelo Piccarella and nephew Gerardo began a small 2-person company in 1987.  Through their direct connections with the miners of Peru, the focus was importing beautiful Peruvian Mine Specimens to the USA.  Over the years, our family business has grown to 12 family members, between the USA (in Denver and Tucson) and Peru (Lima). 
Although Peruvian Imports are still the primary focus, Vicjon Enterprises has also expanded our global connections and available merchandise over the years.  Currently we offer a variety of merchandise including Stone Carvings & Sculptures, Butterfly Frames, Metaphysical Tools (ie crystal/stone massage wands & pendulums) and Textiles that we import from multiple countries, around the globe.

What We Do

Vicjon Enterprises, Inc. wholesales a wide range of beautiful merchandise from around the world.  Our purpose is connecting with, and providing retailers with wonderful products at very competitive prices. Through our international connections, we are able to acquire raw materials and connect them with artisans in Peru to create individually carved pieces of stone artwork,which is still our primary focus.  However, we also offer additional merchandise from Peru, as well as a variety of merchandise from other countries including the USA, India, Madagascar, Mexico, China, Brazil, and Canada.

Environmental Consciousness

Vicjon Enterprises, Inc. is proud to be environmentally aware in our operations!

Reduction of Paper Use: As our company grows, we are shifting from paper records to electronic files and communication.

Fair Trade/Consciously Made: Vicjon Enterprises, Inc. imports “Fair Trade/Consciously Made” merchandise.

No-Harm Approach: The butterflies used to create our “Butterfly Frames” are not harmed in any way.  Under a large enclosed canopy that serves as protection from natural predators, these beautiful butterflies live out their entire natural lives and are collected to create these amazing pieces of artwork only after their natural life cycle has ended.